Home of The Triskaidek

Somewhere tucked away in the redwood forests of N. California…

… is Camp Fae, but don’t bother looking for it.  You can’t find it without fairy magic.

Camp Fae is home to the world’s largest redwood tree (and tree house), the largest fairy library, fairy museum and most sophisticated computer lab on Terra, and all summer long it is home to scores of fairy children learning magic.

But it is also the setting of countless adventures in which the fairies who follow the Fairy Ideal are pitted against abusive fairies out for their own personal gain, or even worse, fairies who want to conquer the world and subdue it through their magic.

Our first adventure, The Triskaidek, begins with young Alley Willowwood, who was up until quite recently a somewhat ordinary teenage girl.  Discovering unexpectedly that you are a fairy can change a great many things, and that’s what happens to Alley on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of her thirteenth year…

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