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Strange things started happening to Alley on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of her thirteenth year.  She’s been planning this day a long time but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine anything like this.  In fact things have gotten so strange the only way she can explain it is…  magic?

The Triskaidek Cover
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Alley finds herself thrust into the magical world of fairies, where she is given a mystery to solve, and discovers a magical creature’s survival may depend on it.  Off she goes to Camp Fae where she spends the summer learning to use her fairy magic, and secretly works on solving the mystery. But it is difficult to tell friend from foe in the world of fairies where some want to use their magic to help others, but others want to use it to take over the world.  Will she solve the mystery of the magical creature that has come to her for help before a villainous traitor has launched his plan to take over the world?  And why is he picking on such an innocent little creature in the first place?

The Triskaidek is the first book in the Camp Fae series.  Fairies don’t send their children off to any ordinary summer camp, but to Camp Fae each summer to learn magic and hone their skills, only to encounter mysteries and adventures that pit them against some of the vilest magical foes the world has ever encountered.

The Triskaidek will be available May 13, 2010 from lulu.com, and June 13, 2010 from amazon.com and other on-line vendors.

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